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Security at the office or commercial place is very important, especially because of the vast amount of confidential information stored in them as well as their exposure to a wide variety of people. Our long tradition of keeping our customers ahead of everything else has especially helped us in gaining reputation among business clients in Rosedale Park. The very valuable clients of Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store range from, but are not limited to, hotels, offices and commercial spaces, restaurants and business centers, etc.

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  • 24/7 commercial locksmith assistance
  • Specially trained locksmiths to handle commercial requests
  • Mobile units for service anywhere in Rosedale Park
  • Custom multilayered locking solutions for maximum security
  • On-the-spot locksmith services
  • Unbeatable response time to emergencies
  • Consultation on business security flaws
  • Comprehensive and cost-effective locksmith solutions

Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store has an expert team of technicians and locksmiths who are qualified to work for commercial clients and can be trusted with their work. We specialize in complex locksmithing tasks such as installing high-security locks, master key systems, setting up differential levels of access for employees through various locks and also deal with everyday commercial locksmith issues in Detroit. Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store team can handle commercial locksmith concerns in any capacities, irrespective of the number of locks we are entrusted with or the size of the business!
We have been praised for our professionalism as well as efficiency to quickly handle emergency situations that arise in commercial spaces. When it comes to commercial services, we offer the following (and more) facilities and services in Rosedale Park:

Emergency opening and unlock

An office lockout can result in your employees being stranded outside the premises and may lead to a loss in the day’s productivity. Emergencies such as these must to be dealt with swiftly and for this you simply have to call our emergency locksmiths who are available round the clock and 24x7. We know how every minute is precious to you and ensure that our team will be at your service to help you within minutes.

Lock change or repairs

Locks may get worn out over time, which in turn, results in a loss in its efficiency. Commercial spaces, especially, need to change locks often to keep security threats out. Our team of locksmiths will provide periodic maintenance and repairs of your locks and also assist you in replacing the locks in the most affordable and accurate manner possible. 

Safe/ File cabinet locks

We know how important it is at an office to protect and preserve important files. And for that purpose, we provide you with robust file cabinet locks in your commercial spaces that are sturdy and immune to any security threats both within and outside your establishment.

Emergency exit locks

Repairing and installing emergency exit locks like push bars and panic locks is not an easy task, but is a nevertheless a rather important one. To ensure the safety of your employees and to avoid penalties by the authorities, Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store technicians will keep you emergency locks under check at all times.

Master key

Our team of locksmiths can provide you a full assessment of your commercial property and determine if a master key and sub-master keys are potential and appropriate for your business. If you have a business with trade secrets to protect or classified information, it’s best to limit access to certain individuals with such a system.

High security locks

High security is something we can’t possibly neglect when it comes to commercial spaces and businesses. Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store provides you with high security locks such as digital locks, keypad locks, magnetic locks, advanced deadbolts, restricted keyways and more, which are hard to hack into and act as a robust means of protecting vital business information and assets.

Door repair and unlock

If your office has any doors to be repaired or unlocked immediately, just call the team at Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store and rest assured that it will be taken care of within no time!
Be it programming of digital locks or a simple lock repair, no matter what your commercial requirement is, we are there 24x7 to handle it in Rosedale Park, MI area.