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When there are so many keys, it’s very easy for them to get lost and break. Sometimes they break within the lock and sometimes otherwise. And when the keys you lose are concerned with something which has got to do as much with your personal space and lives as your houses and residential spaces, the situation becomes intensely terrifying and requires instant solutions. Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store attends calls like these on a daily basis, and hence is experienced in handling them and solving them quickly. They stand out as the best locksmith firm in Rosedale Park at restoring access to your home in the least possible time and providing a wide range of other residential locksmith services.

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  • Lightning fast response to home lockouts
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Our residential services at Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store are not just limited to locks and keys and installing and reinstalling them, but we also can take care of other security issues concerned with locksmithing. You can choose from a wide range of services provided by our specialized residential locksmiths, some of which are:

Eviction locksmiths

We provide eviction services when your tenants move out, rekeying your locks so that you would not have to fully replace them. We provide these services at affordable rates and our eviction locksmiths are available round the clock, whenever you require them to come. 

Key duplication

If you want to get your keys duplicated for any purpose, be it in case of a lockout or to hand them out to a relative or family member, our expert locksmiths help to get the same done as soon as possible and with precision and accuracy.

Broken key extraction

Are your keys broken within the lock itself, blocking your access?  It can be hard to retrieve broken keys from within the lock, especially when it comes to door locks. But our technicians can do it in no time with their locksmith tools, and help you gain access back to your abode without causing any damage to the lock.

Lock repair

Fixing broken locks requires extreme skill and in-depth technical know-how. Our residential locksmith team, will at first assess the situation, take a look at the damage and repair even the most sophisticated locks.  For locks that are beyond repair, our professional locksmiths will install new locks on the spot in less time as well as affordable cost.

Lock installation

If you want to get new and advanced locks installed on your property or residential space, we specialize in lock installation services. It is always better to install locks on your entry doors, mailboxes, windows and garage door before-hand and forget your concerns regarding the security of your property.

Door lockouts

If you are locked out or inside the door, just make a call and our mobile residential locksmiths will arrive at your property on our mobile locksmith vehicles in fewer than 15 minutes equipped with all the necessary tools and items to get you out or inside the door.

Master keys

We provide master keys to you for quick access to whole of your property so that you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys around to access individual locks in your home

Proper access, security of your home, your peace of mind and safety are our guarantee and a top priority. We know how important it is to have proper high-security lock systems installed at homes to ensure safety. Our team of locksmiths is available for services in apartments, houses, condos as well as residential complexes. 

If you call Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store, you can be sure to have full access to your personal space and your locksmith needs will be attended to as quickly as possible. Try our service today!