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Locksmithing began as a simple job of getting lost keys duplicated and broken locks repaired, but in due course of time, it has changed immensely to more complex issues. Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store has been in the field for nearly ten years and has gained a reputation worth boasting of in the Warrendale. In the course of our long time serving as locksmiths, we’ve been faced with almost every possible lock and locksmith-related scenarios, from the simplest ones dealing with lock change to large and complicated ones pertaining to installation of sophisticated locking mechanisms, making us quite adept at providing a wide-range of locksmith services.

Our Services:

Residential locksmith: No matter what the lock and key issue is in your home, Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store has got you covered. Our services include garage door locks installation, file cabinet and mail box locks setup, door unlock and repairs, residential lockout solutions, home security consultation, emergency eviction services and much more.

Automotive Locksmiths: Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store has a team of dedicated auto locksmiths that can handle everything from car lockouts, car lock repairs, ignition key cutting to transponder key programming, car door repair and locks installation. Irrespective of the type and nature of vehicles, the locksmith issue will be dealt with rapidly.

Commercial locksmiths: For all commercial purposes, the need for professional locksmith services to keep locks and keys under check is paramount. Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store is an expert at securing businesses with advanced locks, providing lock repairs, installing emergency exit locks, keypad locks, magnetic locks, master keys and more.



Dedicated workforce:

Our team of professional locksmiths is the best in Detroit, and the chances that you’ll find a better one are slim to none. Moreover, apart from their locksmithing certifications and qualifications, our team attends regular training programmes to keep pace with the latest technological advancements. We, at Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store, have had a reputation for excellent service in Detroit, MI area and it is all thanks to the dedication and hard work shown by our team towards keeping up the reputation that we’ve built over the years.

State-of the-art equipment:

Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store strives to keep ahead of the technology curve and adopts the most advanced techniques and strategies in resolution of lock and locksmith issues. Gone are the days when one had to wait hours for a custom key to be made. With high-tech equipment and the operational know-how our locksmiths are able to carry out a wide range of tasks with precision. We also own a massive fleet of mobile locksmith vehicles that are loaded with the latest tools to provide on-the-go services.

Trusted 24/7 locksmith

At Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store, the crew is specialised in handling emergencies, be it a case of a home lockout or the complex process of installing or replacing locks overnight. If there is an issue with old tenants or employees and you need your locks rekeyed or simply need to get rid of a rusted lock, call us! With all the tools and equipment ready with us, we’ll answer your calls very quickly and be even quicker in helping you resolve your problem!

Security Professionals

Our team of locksmiths have all the required qualifications. The advanced training that our team undergoes makes them well efficient to make recommendations to improve the overall security on your property through strategic installation of high-security lock systems throughout. This one feature can help you increase your savings, as customised locking systems will up your security level and help you lower your insurance cost.

High client satisfaction

The customer is the king, our topmost priority at Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store. It’s the force we’re driven by, and is the centre focus of everything we’ve done. All the locksmiths and technicians at Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store are experts and trained to efficiently handle and solve any locksmith issue. You can trust the skills they’ve mastered over a long time. We get your work done in the most cost-effective manner at very affordable locksmith rates, thereby ensuring maximum satisfaction.

To lock away all your lock and key troubles in Warrendale, there can be no one better than Rosedale Park MI Locksmith Store!

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